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The Healthy Underwater Animals

Artikel ini adalah bagian dari program #PelangiDiLautan : Kesejahteraan untuk senyum di laut

Program ini merupakan kolaborasi antara beberapa perusahaan berbasis blockchain untuk memperkenalkan dan mengeksplorasi teripang secara lebih luas, meningkatkan standar hidup dan kesejahteraan nelayan, serta berkomitmen untuk mewujudkan ekosistem ekonomi yang lebih baik.

Tulisan-tulisan dalam artikel #PelangiDiLautan terinspirasi oleh pengalaman yang dilakukan di daerah Saumlaki, Maluku Tenggara Barat. Namun, beberapa karakter, karakter, acara, lokasi, dan dialog adalah fiksi dan disusun secara dramatis agar lebih menarik. Jika ada kesamaan dalam nama karakter, tempat kejadian atau cerita, itu hanya kebetulan dan tidak ada unsur niat

There are still many who are unfamiliar with one of these marine animals, sea cucumbers. As Sarah and Nadin experienced during a visit to Julian’s restaurant, it was the first time they tasted this sea animal. Sea cucumbers are one of the marine animals that live in the bottom of the sea, sea cucumbers are rare in the fish market. Many people believe that sea cucumbers are disgusting animals because of their large caterpillar shape. But who would have thought Sea cucumbers are one of the sea animals that have many health benefits. With the right processed Sea cucumbers will be an excellent source of nutrition for human health. Sea cucumbers have low calorie levels so it is very good for consumption for those on a diet. Besides low calorie Sea cucumbers also contain various vitamins such as vitamins A, B2, B3, and high in protein content and antioxidant levels compared to other species which would be very good for daily consumption. By consuming sea cucumbers everyday will make the stomach become full faster because of the high protein content of these sea cucumbers. Sea cucumber protein content is also good for lowering low blood pressure and strengthening bones. Sea cucumbers are also often used as Chinese medicine, because of the nutritional properties they contain. 

Sea cucumbers contain phenols and antioxidant flavonoids which are efficacious for reducing inflammation or inflammation of the body, the nutritional content of sea cucumbers can also be useful as antitumor and antifungal. Sea cucumber content is not playing games, by consuming sea cucumbers can provide many abundant properties for health. 

To consume sea cucumbers themselves are still a little difficult to obtain because of the lack of public interest and lack of knowledge about the efficacy of sea cucumbers. Sea cucumbers are usually consumed raw or dried and can also be mixed with other types of food to create diverse tastes. In Indonesia, each sea cucumber is very rare, it is very difficult to get this type of marine animal because there is still little interest in sea cucumber cultivation in Indonesia. Sea cucumber populations are found in the Pacific Ocean. Sea cucumbers themselves are often consumed by people in Asia and the Middle East. 

With the help of the interest of sea cucumber cultivation, fisherman will be able to improve the welfare of the seafront community. Sea cucumbers which are rich in nutritional content and abundant properties for health will certainly be in great demand for the city community. Seeing now the difficulty for the city community to consume foods with high protein content due to the difficulty of supply of fresh fish. LedgerNow is here to help Sea Cucumber farmers connect with consumers more easily. Consumers can easily understand the purchase of sea cucumbers at real time prices without the hassle of visiting Teripang sales locations (which are still difficult to reach). LedgerNow with a blockchain-based system makes it easy for suppliers to order sea cucumbers directly to fishermen with prices that are tailored to best quality, and a real-time ordering process. Click the link for further approval

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