The Ministry of Industry in collaboration with the STARTUP4INDUSTRY.ID held a "Seminar & Exhibition, 41KM Tech Provider", on 11-12 December 2019 yesterday, location the Seminar & Exhibition was at Balai Kartini Building, Jalan Gatot Subroto, South Jakarta. The "Making Indonesia 4.0" competition event, is a different competition in general. A competition that provides Industrial solutions and prints DeepTech startups under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry to prepare for future challenges. Following the Ministry of Industry program “Making Indonesia 4.0” provides many benefits for startup companies in Indonesia. We have many opportunities especially to introduce our superior products to investors, prospective customers and companies who can collaborate in our business ecosystem model. Ledgernow was one of the start-ups who got the chance at this exhibition. We also present a special game called Blockchain Games. So that visitors to the exhibition can find out what is meant by the Blockchain.

Past Event


11-12 Desember 2019

Hall Jepara, Balai Kartini


Special Games : Blockchain Game (Patent Pending)


VIE provide ERP (Enterprises Resource Planning) for SMEs and Large Enterprise in Indonesia. VIE is the ERP solution, is ease to use a very protected system for traceability, notified, and transparency, where the system administrator cannot read the data. With Vie, the business will experience the improvement of quality management with verified ISO 3001 . Vie is a solution for improving SMEs to scale up becoming a large enterprises with collaboration spirit through blockchain. High integrated create a sharing economy for sustainable business.


Blockchain is a digital data storage system that consists of many servers (multiserver). In blockchain technology, data created by one server can be replicated and verified by another server. but blockchain technology is not a centralized system but it is a decentralized system.

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    PureHeart is a provider of enterprise platforms with innovative technology to create a better world through social activities. PureHeart helps companies to transparency activities and distribution of companies' donations in terms of holding Corporate Social Responsibility activities. PureHeart is also committed to sustainable development goals with end-to-end blockchain technology so that the standard of living of Indonesian people is increasing.

    As technology develops, PureHeart with the latest features provides features for sharing together. So sharing happiness by sharing with others is not difficult, because everything can be done through your fingertips with PureHeart.

    Our Partners


    TEMINDO is a company that provides business solutions and collaboration with companies with blockchain technology.


    SSC (Sustainable Supply Chain) is a blockchain solution to fast and safe collaboration for companies in the supply chain that aims to reduce operational costs, improve customer service and accelerate the delivery of goods and services to consumers.


    PIE (Personal Identification Exchange) is a blockchain-based KYC (Get to Know Your Customer) solution for money laundering (Anti Money Laundering / AML) based and terrorist financing (Terrorism Funding)


    AELL is a solution to help manage digital medical record data integrated and integrated between hospitals and clinics to speed up the process of patient care, facilitate referral and protect patient data with blockchain technology.


    PureHeart is an initiative based on social activities committed to sustainable development goals with end-to-end blockchain technology so that the standard of living of Indonesians is increasing.


    BIJAK is a technology-based company to help companies implement the optimal blockchain technology and can accelerate integrated business processes that are safe and reliable.


    YONK is a financial management application for SME owners (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) so that they get real-time financial reports with prediction analysis features to help improve the credibility of MSMEs for finance companies (Financing Companies) using blockchain technology.


    VIE is a business management application that facilitates integrated business management based on ISO 9001: 2015 (or the latest) quality management system with blockchain technology.


    REEF is Blockchain-based application to give solutions for the creation of an energy efficient environment and keep the environment with a Solar Panel. Inspire the public to switch to renewable energy.

    Fintrack can help people keep track of their daily financial expenses, from and for any application. In addition, all data will be stored in a sophisticated Blockchain-based system so that data will be safely stored forever.

    Ariobimo Sentral Level 8
    Jalan H. R. Rasuna Said Kav X-2 No. 5,
    Kuningan Timur, Setiabudi,
    Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta
    Indonesia, 12950

    Ariobimo Sentral Level 8
    Jalan H. R. Rasuna Said Kav X-2 No. 5,
    Kuningan Timur, Setiabudi,
    Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta
    Indonesia, 12950