About Us

LedgerNow, established on 2017, focuses on creating sustainable business. 70% of start-up companies failed on the first year. One of the reason is the high cost of business, especially in administration. LedgerNow is providing seamless integration for enterprises to their business partner and increasing trust with distributed ledger network.

Transaction takes place every (milli) second

In conventional transaction, order, payments, and account tracking are kept separately by each participants, as his own ledger, this his own version of the truth. Having multiple ledgers is a recipe for error, fraud and inefficiencies. The transactions are complex, they can be a paper-laden process, resulting in frequent delays and potential losses for all stake holders.

LedgerNow is solving the automation by Blockchain

LedgerNow is developed to help the enterprises to build their blockchain network in a state-of-art framework within clicks away. LEDGERNOW is being partnership with a lot of partners in Indonesia, ASEAN (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Philippines) and also China, Hong Kong & Taiwan, to simplify the transaction process but increasing the security level for each partnership. LedgerNow focuses on the smart contract, asset management and digital identity to help the enterprises to share their ledger to their partner securely and get updated as fast as possible.