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Sea Cucumbers Prevent the Child From Stunting

This article is part of the #PelangiDiLautan : Welfare program for smiles at sea

This program is a collaboration between several blockchain-based companies to introduce and explore sea cucumbers more broadly, improve the standard of living and welfare of fishermen, and commit to realize a better economic ecosystem.

The writings in the #PelangiDiLautan program are inspired by the experience carried out in the Saumlaki area, West Southeast Maluku. However, some characters, characters, events, locations and dialogues are fiction and are arranged dramatically to make it more interesting. If there are similarities in the names of characters, places of events or stories, it is merely a coincidence and there is no element of intent

Sea cucumbers can prevent stunting. Indonesia is the biggest producer of sea cucumbers. However, more than 30 percent of children under five years old in this country suffer from stunting.
In one village in Saumlaki, Maluku. Susi and Siti are sisters who grew up from a simple family. His father works as a fisherman and his mother is only a housewife. Susi and Siti were only 3 years gap. Susi is currently 8 years old and Siti is 5 years old. Their mother felt that there was something strange about the growth of her two children, Susi who was older than her sister who had a shorter height than Siti. After being checked by a doctor at the village health center, Susi experienced stunting, which is where the growth process is experiencing disruption so that she has an abnormality in growing height, this stunting usually occurs due to lack of nutrition received by children at a young age.
Susi does have less nutritional intake than Siti. Their families have financial problems when the difficulty of selling their fish several years ago. This condition makes it difficult to provide balanced nutrition for their children, but Siti who has normal growth is a result of the difficulties in the process of selling sea cucumbers, so the families consume sea cucumbers for themself. It turns out that the nutrient content of sea cucumbers that have been very complex provides important properties for the growth and development of the children, but not for Susi who does not like to consume sea cucumbers.

Doctors recommend that Susi regularly consume foods that contain beneficial nutrients for her growing period, one of which is by trying to consume sea cucumbers. Susi’s mom also processed a lot of sea cucumbers with Susi’s favorite dishes so that she would consume it, it was quite difficult at the beginning for her to eat this type of marine animal, but over time with the enjoyment of her mother’s cooking concoctions, she became happy eating sea cucumbers. In addition to sea cucumbers, she also eats foods with high vitamin and calcium content.
Stunting is quite dangerous for children’s growth and development because it can interfere with the process of brain development and interest in learning. Therefore, it is important for parents to maintain the nutritional content of their children’s food so that they can grow and develop properly in order to become the nation’s successor. At present, the condition of stunting children in Indonesia has reached millions of kids. This stunting condition can also be detrimental to the quality of the nation’s successors later, human resources that do not have good quality due to the difficulty of child development that is detrimental in the future in building the nation.

As one type of marine animal that have extraordinary nutritional content and are very important for growing, sea cucumbers become one type of food that can be used as a source of nutrition for children. Sea cucumber Holothuria Scabra is the most consumed because it has a high content of anti-cancer and antioxidant substances, and several other types of sea cucumbers.
In improving the quality of these sea cucumbers, fishermen are assisted by Ledgernow in processing and cultivating sea cucumbers by using modern technology tools. Ledgernow, which supports the quality of life and welfare levels of fishermen, helps by maintaining the quality of Indonesian sea cucumbers to be more recognizable by the community who later make food choices for the people of Indonesia. Ledgernow with a blockchain-based system helps the process of sea cucumber supply to consumers with an easier and modern system. An automatic delivery track record system with the transparency of the payment process directly received by fishermen will facilitate the sale and welfare of fishermen. Supply process that can be tracked automatically and in real-time will make it easier for consumers to know the storage process of sea cucumbers and the time they arrive. SSC is a blockchain-based supply system that can reliably connect consumers directly with high-quality sea cucumber fishermen.

The easy process of sending sea cucumbers to the city community will certainly help many Indonesian children in getting food with high nutritional content such as the nutritional content of sea cucumbers. Sea cucumbers can help Indonesian children in preventing stunting due to the nutritional content of food that is currently not healthy enough for consumption. Let’s prevent stunting children from an early age, balanced consumption of nutrition so that the child’s growth and development becomes better. Click the following link to learn more about Ledgernow

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