Play2Learn Blockchain 

Blockchain game is designed for giving an understanding of how blockchain works. the games involve 4 players and 1 banker. Every player is given 5 starts as capital. The rule of the games is adding up the numbers obtained by each player. the number will be issued by exchanging one of our stars to the banker. the one who can add numbers quickly is the winner and deserves the extra stars. each win in one round of the game will be recorded individually by the player. the point of view in the games is every player have the same record transparently. With blockchain games makes it easy to understand blockchain system works.


Pureheart is providers platform company with technology inovatifnya to create the world better through social activities. Pureheart helps companies to transparency activities and distribution donations companies in terms of conducting activities corporate social responsibility. Pureheart also committed on toward the goal sustainable development (Sustainable Development Goals) with technology blockchain thoroughly (end-to-end) so that the life quality of society Indonesia has increased. The development of technology, pureheart with features of latest provide features to share with. So that share happiness with share with fellow that is not hard to organize, because all can be done through your fingertips with Pureheart.

The largest industrial technology exhibition in the world, the Hannover Messe 2020 officially postponed to July 13-17. Ledgernow will present the first blockchain system in Indonesia that gives users a lot to do. Blockchain has a big impact on the sustainability of users' lives. Intrigued by the ledgernow blockchain system? Note the date and attendance of the Hannover Messe 2020, in Germany.



Blockchain game is designed for giving an understanding of how blockchain works. Introduce blockchain with games that make it easy for them by the way the blockchain works. System blockchain easier for users in share data in a transparent, fast and safe.

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